Couples Counselling Sydney

When relationships are not working, this can cause enormous suffering for both partners, as well as their children. This suffering can be caused by conflict, poor communication, partners trying to change each other, past trauma, mental health struggles, physical or psychological issues, sexual difficulties, becoming parents, parenting differences and struggles, affairs and infidelity, work related stress and other factors. Couples counselling helps to alleviate distress, which will enhance the quality of relationships.

Some couples need to make the difficult decision to separate. At the Heath Group Practice, we have extensive experience helping couples who have made this decision to navigate their way through this complex and often frightening process. If the relationship involves children, we work to ensure that their best interests are looked after. Working with a couples counsellor can help to make it easier for both the parents and their children. To arrange an appointment with a Counsellor contact us at the Heath Group Practice on (02) 93285551, or fill in our online contact form.