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The Heath Group Practice is a respected psychology and psychotherapy practice, located in Sydney, near the CBD. The practice is easy to get to; with various public transport options, as well as free parking nearby. The Heath Group offers therapy in Sydney for conditions such as:

  • Depression, mood disorders
  • Anxiety disorders, phobias, OCD
  • Stress
  • Conditions related to eating
  • Substance abuse
  • Struggles due to illness
  • Relocation difficulties
  • Relationship troubles – infertility, infidelity, sexual desire, conflict, parental problems, separation or divorce, the effect on children
  • Family therapy
  • Family support for partners and/or children of physical or mental illness sufferers
  • Bereavement, grief and loss
  • Survivors of childhood trauma – emotional, physical, sexual abuse and/or neglect
  • Difficulty coping with major changes in life – leaving school/university, having children, children moving out, retiring
  • Issues at work
  • Sleep troubles

At Heath Group, our therapists in Sydney are qualified to provide our services to  individuals of all ages and stages of life.

Click here to learn more about our practitioners. If you would like to make an appointment or speak to us call (02) 93285551, or get in touch via our contact form.