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Under the stewardship of Patricia Abrahams, a separation and divorce consultancy has been integrated into the Heath Group Practice, to offer clients guidance about the family law process. Often opaque, intimidating and complex, this process may start prior to separation or when one party is thinking of separating.  It continues through the separation period, right up to and after a divorce or formal relationship termination.

Although legal advice is not given, practical information and support to clients is provided to reduce the anxiety that typically accompanies a relationship breakdown.  Patricia explains the process and the various options available. This may include the appointment of a family lawyer, access to other professional support persons, services and relevant information.  She also focuses on helping clients to reduce the significant legal costs which are frequently incurred during the family law process.

Even when both parties are cooperative, the various routes to legally terminate a relationship are not necessarily straightforward.  These become even more complex where there is conflict, where children are involved, where assets are to be divided and where other factors need to be considered.   Patricia provides guidance to help achieve the best possible result, taking the relevant matters into account. Part of this guidance will also ensure that clients are referred appropriately to receive legal and financial advice as well as other support services.

Patricia brings to the Heath Group Practice her vast experience in and out of court for both parenting and financial cases.  During her time in legal practice she strove to find resolutions which avoided litigation and took into account not just the legal outcome but also the emotional costs to the separating parties.  In cases involving children, she placed a high degree of emphasis on their overall wellbeing.  As a separation and divorce consultant, her guidance and support follow the same principles.